Season Three, Episode Fifteen, This Sorrowful Life

The-Walking-Dead-Merleby Thom McKee Jr.

Is leadership in the zombie apocalypse any different than it is in our world? Does the constant struggle for survival necessitate harsher types of authority than we have in a world with less chaos?

This is one of the issues that the show has been exploring since episode one. In the past, characters have been assuming roles of leadership by coercion, by intimidation, by persuasion and even brute force. But the result of each of these have been less than stellar. The consequences of this struggle to figure out how to organize have also been very brutal leading to the deaths of many of our characters, including Rick’s best friend Shane at the end of last season.

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Season Three, Episode Fourteen, Prey

Andrea The Walking Deadby Thom McKee Jr.

Have you ever been publicly accused of something that you know you did, but you didn’t want anyone to find out?

Or worse, have you ever been accused of something that you know you didn’t do?

The problem is, for most people, the reaction to both of these scenarios is usually the same. People usually swear incessantly that they did not do what they were accused of doing. The guilty and the innocent both swear that they are innocent.

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Season Three, Episode Thirteen, Arrow on the Doorpost

the-walking-dead-s3-13by Thom McKee Jr.

Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? Or, to put it another way, when one person is sacrificed in order to save a whole group of people, is the sacrifice justified?

You may have encountered these questions in a psychology or ethics class and my guess is that the discussion was probably lively. Many people think that collective good always trumps the individual.

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Season Three, Episode Twelve, Clear

The-Walking-Dead-Clear-Morganby Thom McKee Jr.

Have you ever had to do something that would make you look weak? Maybe you had other options, but the option where you end up looking feeble was just the most tolerable. Most of us don’t like to look weak, but sometimes this is just the least-worst option.

When I was in Jr. High this seemed to happen all of the time. Do you remember gym class when the teacher would announce that you were going to play dodgeball? This was one of those scenarios when weakness was always the best option. When I was in seventh grade, the worst day of my life would be when we had to play the ninth graders at dodgeball. Usually it meant pain – a lot of pain! If you got hit hard enough by one of those red rubber balls, it could actually leave a mark. We called that mark the “Spalding tattoo” and it was not a badge of honor, it was a badge of shame.

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Season Three, Episode Eleven, I Ain’t No Judas

The Walking Dead Andrea Judasby Thom McKee Jr.

Have you ever gone away for a while, and when you returned everyone seemed different? Or perhaps, you were the one who changed and everyone seemed different because they stayed the same. Either way, the experience is always shocking because, in our culture, we generally believe people don’t change.

It happened to me when I returned home to California after one semester in college in Minnesota. I was a freshman and I was attending college about two thousand miles away from where I grew up. The experience was shocking, but not nearly as shocking as the experience when I visited home for Christmas break. Every one of my friends seemed different… or were they? In actuality,

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Season Three, Episode Ten, Home

Daryl Merle The Walking Deadby Thom McKee Jr.

What does the word “family” mean to you? Is it your mother and father and your siblings?  Does it include people that you aren’t related to? Perhaps, the people you call family aren’t even related to you by blood.

My guess is that we all have different answers to those questions. For many of us, our biological family is a source love and security. For others, it only brings up painful memories. Some of us never even knew our biological families. Others grew up with them, but don’t know them anymore.

No matter what your circumstances, most of us agree that the definition of the word family is very fluid.

For Daryl, we are at a place where he is conflicted about

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Flashback to Season 3

the-walking-dead-season-3We’re almost there!

Our goal for The Gospel According to The Walking Dead is to provide you with discussions for each and every The Walking Dead episode ever aired. We are just 7 episodes from hitting that mark!

As you may remember, we began this blog at the beginning of Season 4, adding our first post on October 15, 2013 (while the world was listening to Miley come in like a wrecking ball). After adding discussions for all of Season 4, we went back and added Season 1 and 2 while the world waited for Season 5. When Season 5 aired… we covered that, then began Season 3 in the summer months to follow, posting half the season before Season 6.

And that’s where we left off… with only 7 episodes of Season 3 remaining.

Episode 10 is coming next week! (So subscribe to this blog now, if you haven’t already)


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Brothers Convince Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

Okay… if you’re a little depressed because The Walking Dead Season 6 finale is over and now you have to wait the whole summer before you find out what happens… you might need a little cheering up.

I just saw this quick little YouTube video of two brothers playing a practical joke on their sister after she woke up from wisdom teeth surgery. It’s truly hilarious!

Take a peek:

My favorite moment: her answer when they ask her if they should go to Costco first!

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Season Six, Episode Sixteen, Last Day On Earth

The Walking Dead Lucilleby Thom McKee Jr.

Have you ever trusted someone so much that you could say that you trust them with your life? I don’t mean that you trust them to borrow your car or to loan them money. I mean trust them with your life, the life of your spouse… the life of your kids!

If you are like me, there are just a handful of people that you can really say that about. If you served in the military, you might be able to say that about some of the people you served with. If you are a first responder, it might be some of the people you work with. But for most of us, the answer to that question really is about family and a few of our closest friends.

On tonight’s season finale of The Walking Dead, we realize that

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The Season Six Finale Quick Thoughts

The Walking Dead Negan LucilleJust a quick little post as I’m catching my breath from the Season Six Finale.

(exhale loudly)

I can’t believe it’s already the end of Season Six… and that means we need to wait all the way until the fall to discover who was killed tonight!

Have you read the comics?

Do you think the show will go a different route?

Who do you think was killed?

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