Season Eight, Episode Four, Some Guy

by Thom McKee

Do we decide who we ultimately become or do the circumstances of life determine it?

This was the deep existential question that King Ezekiel was pondering tonight right before all of his devastating losses. Not only did he lose most of the members of the Kingdom (I knew last week when he said that he hadn’t even lost one that bad things were about to happen), but he lost his irreplaceable pet tiger Shiva, who went out like a champ. (Is it bad that I was more sad about that than anyone else we have lost so far this season?)

Let’s face it, Ezekiel had a really bad day, and it makes complete sense that the day would start with some deep questions about why he created this whole charade in the first place

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Season Eight, Episode Three, Monsters

by Thom McKee

Just this last summer, my 11 year old son asked me if there were rules to war. The question didn’t just come out of thin air. We were watching a World War II movie where the “Geneva Convention” was mentioned. He had no idea what this was, but the idea of rules to war seemed amusing to my son.

“Dad, does anyone follow rules for war?” he asked me.

I kind of laughed and pointed out that the rules mostly dealt with what you could do with prisoners of war and what types of weapons you could use, but that the Allies (in WW2) really tried to obey the rules. Then he asked me if the atomic bomb was against the rules. I told him

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Season Eight, Episode Two, The Damned

by Thom McKee

How much does fiction matter in the real world? Is there anything of value in these shows that we all watch which warrants so much discussion and debate?

Of course, as I write, I am taking a fictional show about walkers and discussing it in light of the truth of the Bible. Some people have criticized us for doing this, saying that we are mixing truth with untruth (Meanwhile, in the other room, my wife is writing a Biblical discussion for season two of Stranger Things). Obviously, we do think that there is some value in analyzing the culture that we live in and discovering how all of these ideas connect with our Christian faith. But the question is still valid – does untruth have any connection with truth at all?

While I have to admit that I

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Season Eight, Episode One, Mercy

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Lauren Cohan as Maggie GreeneĀ – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

by Thom McKee

What is “mercy” in The Walking Dead? Is it something that you demonstrate right before someone kills you? Is it something that only the naive hope for right before they are victimized or killed by the survivors of the zombie apocalypse? Is it the thing that all of the violence and cruelty in the world of TWD just squeezes right out of you?

I honestly don’t know the answers to these questions in the context of this show. I am also not so sure that the writers on the show know what mercy means in this universe. But one thing that I do know is that this theme has been explored endlessly during the first ninety-nine episodes of the show? So when I saw that the 100th episode of this show was called “Mercy”, I have to admit

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Season Seven, Episode Sixteen, The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

by Thom McKee

Who would you rather be, Negan or Rick?

Think about it. Negan has pretty much everything he wants, including immense power and access to most of the material things that people only enjoyed before the Zombie apocalypse. He also leads a very large community that may eventually become an established government in this new world.

What does Rick have? He doesn’t have much power and most of his material possessions have been stripped by the saviors – but he has

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Season Seven, Episode Fifteen, Something They Need

by Thom McKee

Have you ever been betrayed by someone you trust? Maybe this was a person that you could have never predicted would do this – a parent, a family member, a pastor or one of your closest friends. Or maybe even you have betrayed someone who trusted you. Chances are, if this happened to you (or if you have done this), it may be hard for you to trust people or to watch people trust others.

While I was watching TWD tonight, I was amazed at how many people were betraying other people’s trust. First you have Tara, who has broken her most solemn promise to not tell anyone about Oceanside. Or you have Gregory

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Season Seven, Episode Fourteen, The Other Side

by Thom McKee

Years ago, a friend of mine who was a recovering alcoholic told me that addiction was like a full time job. He said that nothing else was a bigger priority than making sure that he could get drunk that day – not his job, his daily responsibilities or even his family. Everything in his life was consumed with acquiring and drinking alcohol. Eventually, the only thing left in his life was his addiction, as he lost his job, most of his friends and his family.

Tonight on TWD I couldn’t help but think about my old friend when we saw what was happening with Gregory. It was already pretty clear that the man is an alcoholic. Back in episode five of this season, Jesus tricked Gregory into losing some of his alcohol to the saviors and he watched his confiscated booze get carried away like he was losing his firstborn child. Tonight, we see him

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Season Seven, Episode Thirteen, Bury Me Here

by Thom McKee

Have you ever made a decision that was hard to live with? I mean the type of mistake that kept you up at night. The kind of decision where you would give almost anything to have the opportunity for a do over. Most of us, at some point in our lives, have encountered this.

Living with guilt is something that most sane and rational people have had to deal with at one time or another. But it is figuring out what to do with guilt that really separates the genuinely happy people from the miserable ones.

On Season Seven, Episode 13 of TWD, we see

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Season Seven, Episode Twelve, Say Yes

by Thom McKee

What will happen to the world when I am gone?

I know that it sounds like a pretty self-centered question, but I am willing to bet that most of you have asked this question too. Is my contribution to the world going to be missed when I die? Is there anything that I do that is essential to keep the world running?

In my case, I know that my family will really miss me. I have two pretty young children, and if I were to die tomorrow it would be pretty horrible for them. I also know that my wife would seriously miss me, and I know that it would be pretty hard for her.

But the reality is that I know that when I do die, the world is going to be just fine

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Season Seven, Episode Eleven, Hostiles and Calamities

by Thom McKee

What would you do if Negan captured you and asked you to join his team?

Let that question sink in for a moment. Knowing what you know about this man, would you defy him directly like Daryl? Would you give in and serve him like Dwight? Would you pretend to serve him and wait for an opportunity to rebel or escape? (We know that this is what Carol would do.) Would you try to convince Eugene to make poison pills to slip into Negan’s soup?

Or would you do what Eugene is doing. (What is Eugene doing?)

Rebel, lie, or conform to save your life? This is the question millions

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