Season 2, Episode 9—Triggerfinger

The-Walking-Dead-Rick-GlennCrazy tension is starting to mount as our survivors are beginning to realize the living can be just as dangerous as the dead- perhaps even more.

The danger is coming from within as Shane continues to unravel like a frayed sweater in a room full of kittens, and unfortunately there is a Team Rick and Team Shane line being drawn in the sand.  Not to mention enormous pressure coming from the outside as we discover that our friends in the bar from last week weren’t kidding about having lots of other friends-with lots of guns to boot. Continue reading “Season 2, Episode 9—Triggerfinger” »

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Season 2, Episode 8—Nebraska

The-Walking-Dead-Rick-GunI really hate it when I think I’m right and I end up being wrong- although it happens more than I would like to admit.

Sometimes it’s just little things that don’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things, but there have been times when I was totally convinced that I was doing the right thing, but in the end I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead really brings this idea out and shows how our propensity for self-justification can really be gravely (no pun intended) mistaken. It started with a look of Rick’s face that shows he may have regretted his choice to shoot Sophia, and it ends with Rick being resolutely Bad-A in defending himself and his cohorts in the bar. Continue reading “Season 2, Episode 8—Nebraska” »

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Season 2, Episode 7—Pretty Much Dead Already

the-walking-dead-Gospel-HershelWhat does it mean to be ‘human’?

That’s a question that philosophers and theologians have struggled with for centuries, and this week’s The Walking Dead episode brings the discussion to the table in a fascinating manner.

Even the title hints at the topic, as Shane reveals that he feels ‘pretty much dead already’, and his actions validate his sentiment. Shane seems to have lost what it means to be human as his attitude has decomposed from a ‘best friend’ role into a semi-raging maniac. Continue reading “Season 2, Episode 7—Pretty Much Dead Already” »

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Season 2, Episode 6—Secrets

walking-dead-secretsWanna know a secret?

I never know how to respond to that question. On one hand I hate getting caught up in gossip and drama, yet it’s at the center of human nature to be curious about undisclosed information.

“Our secrets” is the theme that drives the midseason finale in episode 6, and we really discover how the different characters handle them as the show progressed. Glenn is obviously not wired to keep a lid on things, both the zombies in the barn and the pregnancy. But Glenn telling Dale about the pregnancy brought important decisions to the surface; I think we can expect a culmination soon. Continue reading “Season 2, Episode 6—Secrets” »

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Season 2, Episode 5—Chupacabra

Merle-Daryl-The-Walking-DeadEver have something from your past come back to haunt you?

This week Darryl does, and it brings up a good opportunity to talk about “letting go” of voices from our past.

We are now in episode 5 of “living on the farm”, and I think many of the group is starting to think of this as a place where they can settle in.

Some fans might like the adrenaline rush of season one, but personally, I’m really enjoying Continue reading “Season 2, Episode 5—Chupacabra” »

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Season 2, Episode 4 —Cherokee Trail

The Walking Dead Rick HershelDid you see God’s hand in that situation… or does God just have a strange sense of humor?

It’s amazing how life and death situations cause people to think and ask big questions. These situations drive some people to depend on God… and drive others to anger against Him.

Where do you gravitate?

The Walking Dead Season Two has had it’s share of action and zombie moments, but Episode 4 definitely devotes ample time to character development. Yes, we had the moment with the walker in the well… Continue reading “Season 2, Episode 4 —Cherokee Trail” »

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Season 2, Episode 3—Save the Last One

The Walking Dead MaggieEpisode Three lumbers along sort of like a slow moving walker as the group is still in the same place as they have been the past two weeks.  Understandably so, since Sophia is lost and Carl needs surgery, but if they don’t move forward soon, the show could start to decompose.

I also am beginning to notice things that I didn’t before- like how much the speed of the zombies varies in accordance with the plotline- or maybe they were faster in the high school gym because they are undead teenagers? Continue reading “Season 2, Episode 3—Save the Last One” »

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Season 2, Episode 2—Bloodletting

The Walking Dead Carl“Bloodletting” follows up the shocking ending scene from “What Lies Ahead” where Carl gets shot by an errant bullet. I’m loving the flashback scenes, because they add so much depth to the later context- and they show that the survivors are just ordinary folks like us with the same struggles.

The majority of this episode focuses on saving him, but even though the plot was simple, the performances were fantastic. As any dad or mom would tell you, a child who is seriously ill or wounded is the worse nightmare imaginable, and Rick is Continue reading “Season 2, Episode 2—Bloodletting” »

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Season 2, Episode 1—What Lies Ahead

the-walking-dead-season-2The Walking Dead Season Two opener wastes no time in amping up the excitement level as the survivors get trapped in traffic and face an onslaught of walkers. The episode is appropriately titled ‘What Lies Ahead’, because there doesn’t seem to be a definitive direction for the group after the CDC went up in smoke.

The drama between characters is rapidly headed towards a boiling point as well, and frankly I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner given the Continue reading “Season 2, Episode 1—What Lies Ahead” »

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Season 1, Episode 6—TS-19

Walking-Dead-CDCThe Walking Dead Season One ended up with a bang (literally), as the survivors find temporary refuge in none other than the CDC. I was bummed that they didn’t make a two part episode out of this one, as the plot lined seemed a bit rushed, and it would have been cool to spend more time with the Dr. Jenner and pick his brain for more info.

But alas, the CDC runs out of gas, and of course a facility like that is fitted with a self-destruct protocol to keep diseases from getting out. I was watching the episode thinking, “hey- why didn’t they load up made a few more gallons of diesel fuel instead of Continue reading “Season 1, Episode 6—TS-19” »

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