Season 3, Episode 9, The Suicide King

The Walking Dead Season 3 MerleAlmost a month until the Walking Dead Season Premiere. In the meantime, we’re going back and providing back-discussions for Season 3. Here’s the newest:

Blood is thicker than water… so they say.

That is the tension in this episode. Family, or values—which is it? Daryl is caught in the middle of Continue reading “Season 3, Episode 9, The Suicide King” »

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Season 3, Episode 8, Made to Suffer

The-Walking-Dead-The-Governor-PennyMost of us would probably have trouble sympathizing for The Governor (especially after what he did to Maggie). Personally, I have trouble sympathizing with anyone who’s first name is “The.”

But this week, we definitely got a better peek into his armor as we saw him try to connect with his daughter.

Start at 5:35

The Governer: Penny? Honey? It’s Daddy.

Continue reading “Season 3, Episode 8, Made to Suffer” »

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Season 3, Episode 7, When the Dead Come Knocking

Glenn Merle The Walking DeadThis episode back in Season 3 probably ranks as one of the most intense episodes, not because of the threat of the dead… but the human threat.

Once again humans prove to be not only the most dangerous, but the most depraved. Merle beats Glenn bloody then sentences him to death by zombie; then the Governor does far worse to Maggie. Funny, you don’t see the dead killing each other. Continue reading “Season 3, Episode 7, When the Dead Come Knocking” »

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Season 3, Episode 6, Hounded

The Walking Dead Daryl HoundedWhat is the meaning of life?

What is your purpose?

It’s the age-old question, a question that sometimes manifests itself in our own quest for happiness. Sometimes we grasp at temporary pleasures to fill this longing. Many of us…when we realize those desires are truly temporary… we look for something more.

One of the dominant plots in this episode was Andrea succumbing to the Governor’s courting efforts, hook, line and sinker (and she didn’t hold out very long before hopping in the sack).

As the two of them flirted and swapped philosophies, the Governor gave us a pretty good peek at Continue reading “Season 3, Episode 6, Hounded” »

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Season 3, Episode 5, Say the Word

The Walking Dead DarylNOTE: Did you notice that AMC is showing complete seasons of The Walking Dead on the next 5 Sundays in preparation for Season 6?

How do you deal with loss?

Rick is suffering big time. Several people in the group have died, including Lori. Rick responds by going on a zombie-killing rampage, taking his aggression out on the creatures who were responsible for the death of his friends and family.

Meanwhile, Michonne and Andrea debate about Woodbury. Michonne doesn’t trust the Governor, but Andrea is softening to the idea of Continue reading “Season 3, Episode 5, Say the Word” »

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Season 3, Episode 4, The Killer Within

TheWalkingDead_KillerWithinThis episode, deemed as a favorite for many fans, had its share of joy and sorrow. Hershel emerged for the first time since his amputation, drawing a smile from the group. A new baby is born.

Life is good…

But death is lurking around every corner, and that always creates tough choices.

The group still doesn’t know what Continue reading “Season 3, Episode 4, The Killer Within” »

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Season 3, Episode 3, Walk with Me

The Walking Dead The GovernorWhen I was a kid one of my favorite movies was Raiders of the Lost Ark. Hitler went on a quest for more power, even to the point of seeking “divine power.” Of course, he and his Nazi followers followed misguided notions thinking that the ark was some remote control to God’s power. They were gravely mistaken.

In the third film the Nazi’s sought more divine power, this time, eternal life. You’d think they would have learned from the ark incident, but no. The cup didn’t offer some magic form of eternal life, only death.

Power-hungry leaders always seem to fall in the same suit: narcissistic, sociopathic, and an obsession to wrestle with their own mortality. The Governor is three for three in these categories Continue reading “Season 3, Episode 3, Walk with Me” »

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Season 3, Episode 2, Sick

The-Walking-Dead-Season-3-SickI heard it said that people are like tea bags. Put them in hot water and you’ll see what they’re made of.

What do you revert to when you face hardships?

This week we got a peek into the deep fractures in the armor of human nature as the conquest of the prison continues. The prison is clearly a fortress worth fighting for… but at what cost? Continue reading “Season 3, Episode 2, Sick” »

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Season 3, Episode 1, Seed

The Walking Dead SeedIf you’re like me, your level of anticipation approaching this premier episode of Season 3 must have been overwhelming. The previous season was a tough act to follow. Looking back in retrospect, Season 2 was probably one of the best in the series, with the introduction of Hershel, Maggie and the farm, the tension between Rick and Shane, the loss of key characters like Dale, Shane and Sofia (who is still alive and kicking in the comic, by the way), and a chilling glimpse at the immense power of a herd.

Season 2 also left us with two exciting foreshadows to the next season: Continue reading “Season 3, Episode 1, Seed” »

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Adding Season 3 Discussions

the-walking-dead-season-3It’s difficult for The Walking Dead fans during these breaks between seasons. So we at The Gospel According to the Walking Dead have been filling in back seasons during these breaks. In fact, we’re almost all caught up… save Season 3. Soon we will begin posting weekly discussions for Season 3 in the prison.

It’s fun looking back at past seasons. Last month I got stuck on a plane all day (long story) with no in-flight entertainment. I had The Walking Dead Season 2 on my laptop, and I watched the entire season in one day Continue reading “Adding Season 3 Discussions” »

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