Season Six, Episode Eight, Start to Finish

Michonne The Walking Dead Deannaby Thom McKee Jr.

“What do you want… for you?”

A question posed from Deanna, lying on her deathbed.

Michonne answered, “I don’t know.”

What would you answer?

The Walking Dead has a unique way of asking us the big questions about life, questions that we wrestle with for the next week. Sadly, this week are asked to wrestle with it for a few months, as this episode was the mid-season finale.

If only the rest of the episode was as thought provoking Continue reading “Season Six, Episode Eight, Start to Finish” »

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Season Six, Episode Seven, Heads Up

Glenn-Alive-The-Walking-Deadby Thom McKee Jr.

When I was a kid, television was full of certainty. I always knew that the A-Team would save the oppressed and teach the bad guys a lesson. I always knew that Perry Mason would win the case. In Star Trek, if there was a guy on the “away team” (not named Scotty) wearing a red shirt, you knew he was dead meat. Kirk, Spock and McCoy never had to worry about anything as long as one of those “red-shirts” were with them. Those were the rules, and no television show ever tried to break them.

But times have changed. With shows like The Walking Dead, it is hard to remember a time when certainty reigned, especially in an episode like tonight’s. On Talking Dead (The Walking Dead after show), Executive Producer Scott Gimple admitted that Continue reading “Season Six, Episode Seven, Heads Up” »

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Season Six, Episode Six, Always Accountable

The Walking Dead Always Accountable Darylby Thom McKee

Is it wrong to lie if no one finds out? What about cheating? Stealing? Does personal integrity matter if no one is there to appreciate it? These questions lie at the heart of tonight’s episode “Always Accountable” on The Walking Dead.

Are people accountable for their actions in The Walking Dead universe? Think about it. There is no more government. There are no more courts, police or jails (unless you count the cell in the cheesemaker’s house). Even in semi-organized communities like Alexandria, there are all kinds of disagreements about how you define morality and justice. Many characters have their own codes and live by them. But are they really accountable to their own codes… or to each other?

I think this question goes to the center of why people love The Walking Dead so much. The show allows us to Continue reading “Season Six, Episode Six, Always Accountable” »

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Season Six, Episode Five, Now

The-Walking-Dead-Jessieby Thom McKee Jr.

If you want to know what someone really thinks… just watch them. Their actions will speak far louder than their words.

That truth was evidenced loudly in Episode 605 of The Walking Dead Sunday night, an episode overflowing with Alexandrians giving speeches, so many discourses in fact, that some might have found the episode slow. Jonathan, the founder of this blog (and my brother) texted me while I was writing this post and wrote:

Lamest episode ever! It felt forced. So many speeches they should have titled the episode ‘Soapbox.’

(Jonathan rarely has anything bad to say about this show, but he sure didn’t care for the writer of this particular episode and wants Scott Gimple back at the helm.)

Maybe some fans are frustrated because they, like me, really want to know Glenn’s fate, and here’s yet another episode that doesn’t go there. But this episode actually revealed quite a lot Continue reading “Season Six, Episode Five, Now” »

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Season Six, Episode Four, Here’s Not Here

Morgan Aikido The Walking Deadby Thom McKee Jr.

What is your code?


Defend your family by all means necessary?

Survival of the fittest?

Morgan’s powerful “testimony” forces us to wrestle with our own personal philosophies this week, as we discover why he chooses mercy every time. It all began with his personal Yoda, a post-War Aikido master with a contagious moral code.

So who is this mentor of Morgan’s? Continue reading “Season Six, Episode Four, Here’s Not Here” »

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Season 6, Episode 3, Thank You

The-Walking-Dead-Glenn-diesby Thom McKee Jr.

Have you spotted any Walking Dead fans today? If you have, you probably noticed that their composure was slightly different than weeks past. If you saw them gathered together around the water cooler today talking about this week’s episode, you’ll notice an ominous cloud hanging over the group. They may even resemble that giant mega-herd slowly walking towards Alexandria.

As a serious Walking Dead fan, I feel like I have a little less skip to my step today. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to Continue reading “Season 6, Episode 3, Thank You” »

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Season 6, Episode 2, J.S.S.

The-Walking-Dead-Carol-Burkaby Thom McKee Jr.

Nothing really prepares you for experiencing loss, like actually experiencing loss.

Perhaps that’s why the Alexandrians were so unprepared for what hit them this week. So was I just a couple years ago (more on that in a minute).

Okay, I know that this is only my second time writing for this column, but I have to say that this episode tonight was one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. Yes, we’ve already seen countless amazing episodes in the six seasons of this show, but I really do think this one is among the best. It might even be as good as Continue reading “Season 6, Episode 2, J.S.S.” »

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Season 6, Episode 1, First Time Again

The Walking Dead Daryl Season 6by Thom McKee Jr.

It is hard to believe that it has been six months since the last episode of The Walking Dead. Sure, we have had Fear the Walking Dead to help us keep our Zombie fix, but let’s just face it, FtWD is no Walking Dead. These are the characters that America has fallen in love with, and six months is just too long for us to wait to hear from Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and the rest of the crew.

Occasionally, people from my congregation (I am a pastor) will ask me why I love a show about zombies so much. I always tell them that I would love the show just as much if it took place during a nuclear holocaust, a national viral outbreak or even aboard a sinking ocean liner. It is not the walkers, but the human characters and their stories that I love. This show is a morality tale about grace under pressure, yet it is full of weak and flawed people Continue reading “Season 6, Episode 1, First Time Again” »

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Season 3, Episode 9, The Suicide King

The Walking Dead Season 3 MerleAlmost a month until the Walking Dead Season Premiere. In the meantime, we’re going back and providing back-discussions for Season 3. Here’s the newest:

Blood is thicker than water… so they say.

That is the tension in this episode. Family, or values—which is it? Daryl is caught in the middle of Continue reading “Season 3, Episode 9, The Suicide King” »

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Season 3, Episode 8, Made to Suffer

The-Walking-Dead-The-Governor-PennyMost of us would probably have trouble sympathizing for The Governor (especially after what he did to Maggie). Personally, I have trouble sympathizing with anyone who’s first name is “The.”

But this week, we definitely got a better peek into his armor as we saw him try to connect with his daughter.

Start at 5:35

The Governer: Penny? Honey? It’s Daddy.

Continue reading “Season 3, Episode 8, Made to Suffer” »

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