Remember 3 Things

Negan Walking DeadThe Walking Dead Season Premiere is this Sunday! That means we’ll be posting our FREE discussion about the episode on Monday!

Three things to remember going into this weekend:

  1. Remember to cast your vote for our “Who is it?” contest by this Saturday night. Literally EVERYONE who guesses correctly wins a prize (See here for CONTEST details)
  2. Remember to tune back into this blog on Sunday morning, because before you get up, Thom and I (the writers of this blog) will be posting OUR GUESS of who we think will die (and we actually disagree on this one!)
  3. Don’t forget to give this blog some social media love and spread the word about the FREE discussions we provide for EACH and EVERY episode of The Walking Dead! Here’s a sample plug you could post on your Facebook page:

Did you know that there is a website that posts FREE Biblical discussions to EACH & EVERY episode of THE WALKING DEAD! (Seriously… like there’s already a discussion for every episode of all 6 seasons!) I love this site. Take a peek and subscribe:

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Six Seasons have passed. Each and every episode is on Netflix right now… and this blog has a FREE discussion guide for EACH and EVERY episode every aired!

Keep using The Walking Dead to springboard conversations about truth!

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Who is it CONTEST

the-walking-dead-season-7-CONTESTThe Walking Dead Season Premiere is less than a week away, and that means we finally get to discover who the evil Negan killed. Many of you love this show because of its amazing discussions about morality, leadership, and good vs. evil. Season 6 left us all hanging, wondering if our group of survivors did the right thing, and which one of them was brutally murdered by the notorious Negan.

So we’re going to have a little contest for our The Gospel According to The Walking Dead blog subscribers in the comments below to see how many of you can guess who died. And you are going to love the prizes… because literally EVERYONE who guesses correctly wins!

But first… our favorite The Gospel According to the Walking Dead author Thom McKee Jr. shares his two cents about cliffhangers and bold predictions…

Cliffhangers and Bold Predictions on the Walking Dead!
by Thomas McKee Jr.

Let me just say this first… I love cliffhangers. I know that not everyone agrees with me here, but I just love being forced to wait to find out what happens to my favorite characters on a show or a movie. The first cliffhanger that I vividly remember happened just before the summer of 1980. Yes, that was the summer of “Who shot J.R.” on the T.V. show Dallas, but that is not the cliffhanger I have implanted into my “Memory Hall of Fame.” My life was forever changed at the Century Theatres on Arden Way in Sacramento when I found out that Darth Vader was Luke’s father. And if that wasn’t enough of a shock, Vader proceeded to cut off Luke’s hand and leave him for dead hanging from a weather vane beneath Cloud City. To make matters worse, Han Solo was frozen in carbonite and loaded onto Slave One to be flown back to Tatooine. When I walked out of that theater, I knew that I was going to have to wait three years to find out what happened to these beloved characters… and I loved it! This meant that for three years I was going to get to guess, opine and argue about the fate of our heroes with all of my friends and family.

Those were the days! But no matter how much I debated with my friends about it, I would never be able to predict that the resolution of the next film would be a battle between Stormtroopers and a bunch of teddy bears.

This was where I learned a valuable lesson about being a geek – the real fun really comes in the talking about films, comics and television – almost more (at times) than actually watching the resolution.

In the age of binge watching and Internet leaks, cliffhangers have become almost extinct. Yes, they still do exist, but they are so much work for filmmakers because of the Internet. George Lucas himself would be one of the first pioneers in spoiler reduction by hiring actual CIA personnel to help him effectively hide the secrets of the prequels in the late 1990s. But with “on set” spies and script leaks, the Internet has made it almost impossible to keep a cliffhanger from being spoiled.

That is why this cliffhanger at the end of season 6 of The Walking Dead is so amazing. It actually has almost brought me back to some of the same feelings I had during that summer of 1980. And the showrunners at TWD have done an amazing job of keeping this one under wraps.

At the end of the last episode of season six, we all cringed as we watched the evil Negan kill one of our heroes… without letting us know which one of them was dead. All we know is that one of our main characters is gone, but we just don’t know which one. And this has become one of the greatest cliffhangers of our day.

Scott Gimple, executive producer of TWD, has taken extreme measures to try and hide the answer to this question. I understand that he has even hired doubles of the missing actors from season seven just to throw off internet spies. I also understand that there is a threat of being fired looming over anyone who leaks the information. If an actor does it, they will certainly be the next character to be killed off of the show. Even crew members have been threatened with the age old Hollywood trope, “If you leak this you will never work in this town again.”

But, I have still tried my best to not read anything on the internet this summer that has anything “spoilerish” about it. I have also spent a lot of time discussing this with my friends, which made for a really fun summer. The great part is that we are nearing the end of our bittersweet wait, and we will finally will find out who was killed by the evil Negan next Sunday night (October 23rd). Any way you look at it, it is going to be a must-watch-television night, and I am very excited about finding out what happens next.

Here at The Gospel According to The Walking Dead, we only have one more week to discuss our theories as to what is going to happen. And we want to hear from you!

Who do you think is going to meet their untimely end? What are your theories as to what is going to happen?

  • Is Glenn going to face the same ending that he experiences in the comic?
  • Is Abraham the one who would “take it like a champ”? In the comic, he is already dead at this point in time.
  • Could it be Maggie and the baby? That would be an almost unbearable “two for one.”
  • Maybe this is the time that one of our most popular characters like Daryl, Michonne or Rick is going to bite it. Game of Thrones certainly has taught today’s viewers that you can kill fan favorites without affecting the ratings.
  • Could it be Eugene? And if it is Eugene, how will they make the new ammunition?
  • Don’t forget Carl, Rosita, Sasha or Aaron. And don’t count out the possibility that maybe even more than one of them could die. That would be one of the most talked about resolutions of all time.

So who is it? We want to hear from you in the comments below.


  • THE U.S. RULE: Sadly, this is only for those in the U.S. People outside of the U.S. can definitely cast their votes (we’d still love to hear your opinion), but international shipping costs kill us. And since we are giving away prizes to literally EVERYONE who guesses correctly… this is just for the U.S. (So sorry, truly!)
  • SUBSCRIBERS: This contest is only for The Gospel According to the Walking Dead subscribers. No worries if you aren’t yet…. you can subscribe right now for free. Just click on the SUBSCRIBE link on the right side of the blog!
  • ONLY ONE GUESS: Each person only gets to guess one person in the comments below. Even if you think multiple people are going to die– if you guess more than one character or your guess is even unclear… sorry. Your guess doesn’t count.
  • REASONING: We’d love to hear your reasoning, but DON’T post any spoilers that are outside of the show’s content as a reason (Like don’t say, “I saw Andrew Lincoln interviewed and he hinted…” or “I live in Atlanta, and I ran into…”). But please feel free to post these spoilers in our next post when the contest is over on the day of the premiere!
  • NAME AND CITY: You must state your name and the U.S. city you live in in your comment below for your guess to qualify.
  • SATURDAY NIGHT: All entries must be submitted by Saturday, October 22nd, by midnight California time.


  • First Place: A Louiseville Slugger Baseball Bat
  • Second Place: A box of Kleenex, so you can mourn the loss of the victim.
  • EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO GUESSES CORRECTLY: A copy of Jonathan’s Hit Book, The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide for Teenagers. Yes… everyone who guesses correctly gets a copy. (Thanks to Jonathan and the publisher, The Youth Cartel)

So who is it?

On Sunday October 23rd, Thom and I will post our predictions when the contest is closed (we wouldn’t want to sway anyone with our remarkable insights and almost prophetic analyses of The Walking Dead!) Then, all of America will be watching the show on Sunday night, and Thom’s episode discussion will post late Monday as usual.

I am looking forward to reading all of your theories this week. Good luck predicting one of the greatest cliffhangers of our day!

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Who is it CONTEST tomorrow!

The Walking Dead Negan LucilleWe’ve all been waiting in eager anticipation for The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere… and for one reason.

We want to know who Negan killed!

It’s the biggest cliffhanger since who shot J.R. (uh… sorry… you have to be at least 40 to understand that one). And we’re going to reward anyone- yes ANYONE- who guesses correctly!

Tomorrow, watch your inboxes, and come back to when we kick of the “Who is it” CONTEST where you guess who died.

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While looking forward to Season 7

Who did Negan killWell… it’s summertime and The Walking Dead is waaaaaaaaaaay too far off to even begin anticipating Season 7. The only interesting news is when AMC threatens to sue someone for making a prediction about Negan’s kill (yeah… seriously!)

So what do we do in the meantime?

How about rewatching EVERY SINGLE episode of Episodes 1-6 (Heck… Netflix has them all) and use our discussions to create dialogue about what you saw! Continue reading “While looking forward to Season 7” »

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Season Three, Episode Sixteen, Welcome to the Tombs

The Governor Season 3 The Walking Deadby Thom McKee Jr.

Is it possible that terrible people actually can get away with being terrible? In life, it seems that some people do horrible things and never suffer any consequences. In fact, it often appears that these terrible people actually get rewarded for being terrible people. On the other hand, we all know kind and merciful people who just never seem to get ahead in life.

This is a major stumbling block for many people when it comes to their belief as to whether there is even a God. How often do we hear people say, ” I just can’t believe that a good and loving God could let so much evil happen in the world.”

Sometimes I wonder this myself. But then I remember Continue reading “Season Three, Episode Sixteen, Welcome to the Tombs” »

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Season Three, Episode Fifteen, This Sorrowful Life

The-Walking-Dead-Merleby Thom McKee Jr.

Is leadership in the zombie apocalypse any different than it is in our world? Does the constant struggle for survival necessitate harsher types of authority than we have in a world with less chaos?

This is one of the issues that the show has been exploring since episode one. In the past, characters have been assuming roles of leadership by coercion, by intimidation, by persuasion and even brute force. But the result of each of these have been less than stellar. The consequences of this struggle to figure out how to organize have also been very brutal leading to the deaths of many of our characters, including Rick’s best friend Shane at the end of last season.

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Season Three, Episode Fourteen, Prey

Andrea The Walking Deadby Thom McKee Jr.

Have you ever been publicly accused of something that you know you did, but you didn’t want anyone to find out?

Or worse, have you ever been accused of something that you know you didn’t do?

The problem is, for most people, the reaction to both of these scenarios is usually the same. People usually swear incessantly that they did not do what they were accused of doing. The guilty and the innocent both swear that they are innocent.

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Season Three, Episode Thirteen, Arrow on the Doorpost

the-walking-dead-s3-13by Thom McKee Jr.

Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? Or, to put it another way, when one person is sacrificed in order to save a whole group of people, is the sacrifice justified?

You may have encountered these questions in a psychology or ethics class and my guess is that the discussion was probably lively. Many people think that collective good always trumps the individual.

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Season Three, Episode Twelve, Clear

The-Walking-Dead-Clear-Morganby Thom McKee Jr.

Have you ever had to do something that would make you look weak? Maybe you had other options, but the option where you end up looking feeble was just the most tolerable. Most of us don’t like to look weak, but sometimes this is just the least-worst option.

When I was in Jr. High this seemed to happen all of the time. Do you remember gym class when the teacher would announce that you were going to play dodgeball? This was one of those scenarios when weakness was always the best option. When I was in seventh grade, the worst day of my life would be when we had to play the ninth graders at dodgeball. Usually it meant pain – a lot of pain! If you got hit hard enough by one of those red rubber balls, it could actually leave a mark. We called that mark the “Spalding tattoo” and it was not a badge of honor, it was a badge of shame.

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Season Three, Episode Eleven, I Ain’t No Judas

The Walking Dead Andrea Judasby Thom McKee Jr.

Have you ever gone away for a while, and when you returned everyone seemed different? Or perhaps, you were the one who changed and everyone seemed different because they stayed the same. Either way, the experience is always shocking because, in our culture, we generally believe people don’t change.

It happened to me when I returned home to California after one semester in college in Minnesota. I was a freshman and I was attending college about two thousand miles away from where I grew up. The experience was shocking, but not nearly as shocking as the experience when I visited home for Christmas break. Every one of my friends seemed different… or were they? In actuality, Continue reading “Season Three, Episode Eleven, I Ain’t No Judas” »

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